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A successful acupuncture treatment for knee pain depends on the cause of the pain.  Sports injuries that result in knee pain are very common and take careful and accurate diagnosis to differentiate their cause.  Through careful assessment you can get good results with acupuncture treatment for knee pain.

Knee pain symptoms and diagnosis

Acute knee injuries may result in swelling and inflammation resulting in stiffness and pain with movement.  Chronic knee pain may come and go and arise suddenly  with certain movements such as walking up or down stairs or hills or certain times of the day.  A thorough orthopedic assessment is essential to find the cause of the knee pain before treatment.   

Knee joint pain and knee pain causes

The cause and severity of the knee pain depends on the structures involved.    Muscle strains may result from overuse or over stretching of the leg muscles.  Tendonitis or Bursitis may occur is sports like basketball and volleyball known as “jumper’s knee”.  Meniscus tears to the cartilage and ligament sprains  are common sports injuries that can happen when a person changes direction suddenly while running or from trauma commonly seen in contact sports such as football or soccer.  Osteoarthritis is a common cause of knee pain for people 50 years age and older, also know as degenerative”wear-and-tear” arthritis.

Knee pain after running

A cause of knee pain that results in muscle over use commonly seen in marathon runners is known as “runners knee”.  In runners knee the quadriceps muscles may cause the kneecap to drift laterally and rub against the underlying femur causing pain under the kneecap resulting in a condition known as condromalacia. Pain is usually worse going up and down stairs.

Acupuncture for knee pain

Orthopedic Acupuncture is a powerful treatment for many types of knee pain.  Because acupuncture reduces pain and inflammation locally it is a common treatment for reducing the degenerative affects of arthritis of the knee.  Orthopedic Acupuncture is affective for treating tendonitis and bursitis of the knee as well. Orthopedic Acupuncture can treat the pain, inflammation, and swelling resulting from meniscus tears.

knee pain acupuncture treatment

Knee pain relief acupuncture treatment. Call (831) 459 – 6005

Knee pain treatment with Glenn Kazmierski, LAc

Glenn is Board certified in asian physical medicine and teaches orthopedic assessment and sports acupuncture.  His clinical findings using Orthopedic Acupuncture show that most patients report 40-60% of reduction in pain as well as increased function within a month of treatment.

For a professional advanced assessment and knee pain treatment with acupuncture in Santa Cruz, CA, call Glenn’s office at (831) 459-6005 today or click here to use our contact form.

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