Elemental Acupuncture

The deepest form of energetic healing is
releasing the energy of our authentic nature.

Discover Your Unique Nature

“The only cause of internal disharmony are the emotions”


The Five Elements connect us to the greater world and our place in it, which is the deepest form of energetic healing according to the ancient traditions of Chinese medicine. Energy recovered through aligning to one’s truth is profound, releasing the tremendous power of self-realization.

The work of discovering your elemental nature puts you on this path. Archetypal acupuncture is focused on nurturing psycho-spiritual growth and development. Our approach is a deep inquiry into your authentic nature using Five Elements counseling, ecopsychology, nature-based guiding and Qigong to deepen and embody your conversation with life and destiny.

  • Psycho-spiritual transformation
  • Deep inquiry into your authentic self
  • Discovery of your true purpose
Do you feel called to a new direction in your life?

Archetypal Acupuncture addresses the need for personal meaning, psychological growth, and the dimensions of spiritual health.

This unique style of acupuncture was curated by Glenn Kazmierski LAc after many years of study. Archetypal acupuncture combines counseling, eco-psychology, nature-based guiding, and Qigong so you can embody and deepen your unique expression of life and move toward your destiny.

Archetypal acupuncture will be a great support if you are going through a life transition or you are needing the guidance and skills to deepen into your unique purpose.

Let’s Get Started

Reach your ultimate potential

What Patients Say


“Glenn is a bridger of worlds – his ability to synthesize knowledge and mystery is truly rare and
valuable. He radiates a curiosity and care that seem to be contagious, and with his guidance I
have comfortably explored parts of myself that I didn’t know existed. Deep healing can be a
wondrous process, and with Glenn I have learned a new level of trust. – Ezra B


Generate aliveness through ancient Chinese medicine and eco-psychology

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