Latest Past Events

Autumn Eco-Awakening Day-Long Journey

645 Toll House Gulch Rd Felton CA 645 Toll House Gulch Rd, Felton

Step out from your busy life for a day and tune in to the intelligence and wisdom of nature. You will learn and practice Eco-Awakening skills such as - Deep Imagination, Mirroring Nature, and Council. You will discover how Autumn itself is showing you the signs, symbols, and metaphors of how to live in a […]


Wild Mind Journey 5 Day

Indian Valley Campground Big Sur, Big Sur

In Wild Mind Training you will learn to navigate the internal landscapes of your nature and how to access four facets of wholeness. This work is essential for stabilizing and facilitating one’s personal development and growth. Wild Mind Training is the foundation and the skill set to track and navigate your own personal growth and […]


Spring Eco-Awakening Day-Long Journey

Fall Creek, Felton, CA 1561 Felton Empire Rd, Felton

You are capable of eco-literacy and are ready to rewild your psyche. Eco-Awakening is designed for those who are ready to move beyond the structured reality of family, friends, work and are feeling the pull to expand their identity and to claim their greater place in the natural world. During the program you learn skills […]