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Glenn Kazmierski LAc

Glenn Kazmierski Sports Acupuncturist, Herbalist, and Qigong instructor with more than 25 years of experience and owner of Tao Performance Acupuncture.

Glenn is a former associate professor at ACTCM in San Francisco teaching pain management, orthopedic acupuncture and sports medicine and at Five Branches University in Santa Cruz, where he developed and directed the Asain Bodywork and Qigong program  and taught Ortho-shiatsu ® .

He was also the board-certifying instructor for the American Academy of Physical Oriental Medicine (AAPOM) for Northern California and lectured with USA Olympic sports acupuncturist Whitfield Reeves. Currently, he combines his expertise in sports medicine and Qigong with nature-based guiding and herbalism to help those who are called into physical excellence and deep personal transformation.

Schedule: Mondays and Wednesday 10-12pm and 1-5pm, Thursdays 1-5pm, Fridays 9-12 pm and 1-5pm

Laura Casasayas Acupuncturist, Holistic Dietitian

Laura Casasayas has more than 10 years of experience. In 2004 she earned her degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Barcelona. In 2007 graduated in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture from Instituto de Medicinas Tradicionales in Barcelona. That same year Laura traveled to Kunming, China to complete a Master’s degree in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Women’s Health. She resided in two of the most important hospitals in the region.   

Her multidisciplinary training, combining Western and Chinese medicine allows her to treat a wide variety of conditions from a holistic and personalized point of view in order to restore health. Laura specializes in Immune and Digestive Health, Pain Management, Stress and Chronic fatigue, Chemotherapy Patient Support, Insomnia, and Hormonal Health. 

Dr. Skylar Stumpf DTCM, LAc, Functional Nutritionist, Massage Therapist

Dr. Skylar Stumpf dually specializes in Internal Medicine with a focus on gut health, and in Physical Medicine treating orthopedic injury and rehabilitation. In treating the associated multi-system symptom complex, he values compassion and sensitivity: understanding the profound impact on life chronic illness and pain exerts.

With a doctorate in the field, Skylar extends this level of expertise to every patient visit. Less than 5% of all U.S. Licensed Acupuncturists have obtained a professional doctorate degree. With studies completed through Five Branches University and the Institute for Functional Medicine, Dr. Stumpf utilizes advanced biomedical diagnostics and traditional medical theory, going beyond the limits of either approach in isolation. Patients can be confident that every clinical decision is informed by the highest quality evidence and clinical expertise.

Integrating herbal medicine with root-cause functional medicine, soothing massage, and acupuncture, your trust is fully honored as we walk together toward health and wellness.

Schedule: Tuesday 8 am-1 pm, Saturday 1-5 pm, Sunday 8 am-1 pm.   www.santimedicine.com

Jenny Johnston L. Ac

Sports and Women’s Health Acupuncturist, offering acupuncture, therapeutic bodywork, botanical medicine, nutrition and lifestyle counseling to plant and grow seeds of wellness and vitality in her patients.  She has practiced acupuncture since 2011, and bodywork since 2005.

Jenny enjoys offering effective treatments for pain relief and injury recovery.  She earned her degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Five Branches University in 2011, and apprenticed with Sports Acupuncture experts including Whitfield Reeves, OMD, L.Ac

Jenny loves to help women achieve a safe, healthy, and satisfying transition into motherhood.  In 2010 Jenny volunteered as an acupuncturist and doula at all-natural birthing and community health clinic Yayasan Bumi Sehat in Bali, Indonesia.  She studied acupuncture for the childbearing year extensively with Raven Lang, M.S., L.Ac, with Claudia Citkovitz, PhD, L.Ac. at Lutheran Medical Center in New York, and with the Maternity Acupuncture Mentoring and Peer Support program with experts from around the world.  She advanced her fertility experience through working for expert Dr. Angela Wu, L.Ac. in San Francisco, as a practitioner at Revive Acupuncture for Fertility in Fremont, and as a Fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine

Schedule: Tuesdays 9am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-3pm,   http://jennyjohnstonlac.com