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Sports injury acupuncture is a specialty of acupuncturist Glenn Kazmierski, LAc. Reduce injury recovery time, elevate your game and stay in the game longer. Common sports injuries include shoulder joint pain, shoulder injuries, rhabdomyolysis aka uncle rhabdo, and common ankle, neck, elbow and knee pain and related injuries.

Learn more about sports injury acupuncture as well as how an assessment and treatments can enhance your performance naturally.  In order to maintain peak performance and prolong your ability to engage in your sport you must keep your body optimally functioning at two levels: 1) musculo-skeletal resiliency and 2) internal vitality.

Glenn’s Santa Cruz acupuncture clinic provides advanced sports injury therapy. With a specialization in orthopedic assessment, Glenn performs a thorough assessment to identify the specific root cause of an injury. He tailors treatments accordingly to accelerate healing, reduce recovery time and strengthen the area.

Enhance Sports Performance by:

  • Accelerating healing of the rare or common sports injury
  • Reducing recovery time after routine practice/rides/workouts
  • Increasing performance, stamina, range of motion & strength
  • Pre-event enhancement/Post-event recovery acceleration
  • Improved immune system – Don’t lose training days to sick days
About us
“I don’t do well when I don’t get to kitesurf. I was in a panic when one day I had to do a wild maneuver to compensate for another kiter and afterwards I could tell something wasn’t right with my shoulder.

Through very careful diagnosis Glenn pinpointed the exact problem. After 3 treatments and a week of rest I was back on the water. Without Glenn I would likely have been out for a solid 4 weeks.”

Lydia Snider

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