Autumn energetics guide us to exchange the expansive growth of Summer for the nourishing and gathering of Autumn.
The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine is the most essential classic text in ancient Taoism. It tells us about the art of living in the seasons…

Yellow Emperor’s Guidance for Autumn:

In the Three Months of Autumn…

Appearances are settled in the peaceful order of quiet.
Be at ease and without hurry, balanced and without bias.
Winds blow with a cutting sound and
The Qi of the earth becomes bright. 

Go to rest early, and don’t be caught by the dew…
Rise with the rooster’s call.
Let the mind be peaceful and tranquil, 
The appearance of storms is not punishment.

Autumn is the Way to nourish gathering. 
Opposing the Qi of Autumn harms the lung.
This results in a diminished ability to store vitality in the Winter.  

Of the 10 types of Qi in Chinese medicine, the defense energy is known as the Wei Qi. The Wei Qi is circulated just beneath the skin by the lungs. Lung health is essential for the nourishment of Wei Qi. This defense energy prevents the cold, damp, and wind from penetrating into the muscles of the body and its deeper meridian systems. Wei Qi is like an aura of defensive energy around your body, including the immune system. WE GOT TO KEEP THE EVIL QI OUT!


Taking Jade Screen strengthens your Wei Qi bubble. This is a classic herbal formula for the prevention of colds, flu, and symptoms related to allergies, especially in the Fall. I have modified this formula for the Mediterranean climate of Santa Cruz and the dosages of herbs, so it’s balanced and safe for you. If you have a weakened immune system or just want to be on The Upward Spiral Of Awesomeness, I recommend to “put up the jade screen” by taking the formula throughout the Autumn.


To do this effectively, come in for a tailored Autumnal Seasonal Tune-up. This consists of an in-person appointment to assess your current health and create strategies for seasonal wellness based on Chinese medicine. The Autumn Tune-Up aims to promote the health of your lungs, digestive, and immune systems and includes an assessment, acupuncture, and your personal seasonal diet recommendations.
All included are $137.50 for 60 minutes plus the cost of herbs (different fees if your insurance covers acupuncture).
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