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In the historic 2007 German Acupuncture Trials (GERAC) for chronic low back pain, acupuncture was proven to be beneficial on such a level as to be placed – for the first time – alongside traditional western style treatments.   In the “largest and most rigorous trial to investigate the efficacy of acupuncture for chronic low-back pain compared with conventional therapy, the study yielded several surprising results.  Mainly, acupuncture proved to be significantly more effective than any conventional therapy. This was the first time superiority of acupuncture over conventional treatment has been unequivocally demonstrated for low back pain” which also included the result of medication reduction after acupuncture.

Lower back pain relief with acupuncture – does it work?

The GERAC report confirms this to be true.  According to this highly-cited study, the “effectiveness of acupuncture was almost twice that of any conventional therapy.”  The study concludes that “acupuncture gives physicians a promising and effective treatment option for chronic low back pain, with few adverse effects or contraindications.  The improvements were significant and lasted long after completion of treatment.”

The reason why acupuncture works for low back pain is that it simultaneously addresses many of the different causes of this type of pain.  Acupuncture reduces local inflammation, blocks the perception of pain and substantially increases local circulation.  Acupuncture also relaxes local pain fibers that cause muscle spasms.  Generally speaking, acupuncture helps to bring back the normal physiological function of the area treated and makes it feel normal again.

Back pains / Lower back pain causes

Acupuncture can treat all forms of lower back pain including: muscle strain, bulging or ruptured disk, arthritis, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and menopause.  According to Chinese medicine the strength and the health of the kidneys also play an important role in the health of the low back and spine

woman lower back pain acupuncture treatment

An acupuncture treatment for lower back pain

Acupuncture lower back treatment

An acupuncture treatment for low back pain would typically consist of inserting several hair-thin acupuncture needles locally in order to block local pain receptors, which in turn increases circulation locally and relaxes the local muscles, while decreasing local inflammation.  Often acupuncture points are selected on the hands and feet to increase endorphins and further reduce pain.

Lower back pain relief

In my clinical experience with spine care and acute and chronic injury the majority of patients documented experienced at least 60% improvement in the first 3 weeks of acupuncture treatment.  They report a decrease in pain, an increase in range of motion and decrease in pain medications, usually with 6-8 treatments, even for chronic cases of  low back pain.  It’s been my experience, much like the GEREC study indicates, that acupuncture is definitely an effective treatment for lower back pain, no matter the cause.

Does acupuncture hurt?

There is no real pain with the acupuncture treatment. On the contrary, when discussing the thought of a needle treatment, patients usually report a feeling of deep relaxation and well being during the treatment.

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