Beer is a refreshing & enjoyable beverage because it has an elegant way of moving the body’s energy, which is governed by the liver. Once the liver chi moves euphoria follows.

In moderation, beer has many useful attributes. It is full of calories so it gives you quick energy. Alcohol also gives a sense of relaxation and calms the mind and spirit. The bitter qualities of beer have a cooling effect on the body’s constitution.

Beer Increases Estrogen and Reduces Testosterone

However if you drink too much, all that sugar turns into fat and tends to get stored in the lower body, hence the classic beer belly. Extra fat in the lower body signals the body to reduce testosterone. When excessive alcohol damages the liver it is no longer able to metabolize hormones, leading to generation of extra estrogen. This can impact a man’s testosterone levels.

Trendy Hoppy IPA Beer is Especially Problematic.

Hops are estrogenic, meaning they naturally have high levels of estrogen. Along with causing your body to produce extra estrogen you are introducing more of the hormone into the system. This creates a trifecta of increasing estrogen levels and reducing testosterone levels which can lead to gynecomastia – or in layman’s terms “Man Boobs”.

Enjoy Your Hoppy Beer in Moderation

On the plus side hops are also a nervine (a nerve relaxer). Drinking IPA beer in moderation gives you all the benefits of beer in general, plus a little bonus. If you enjoy the bitter taste of a hoppy IPA enjoy! Just in moderation.

Photo Credit: Paul Joseph

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