Summer, is the season of Fire Element according to the Taoist inner traditions of Chinese medicine. It is now the period of personal luxurious growth, going from flower to fruit.


In times like these when there is much upheaval and confusion, it is important to get clear about our inmost natures. Ask yourself, your heart’s spirit, what it truly wants to bring to fruition in this phase as it is an important time to experience the heart’s (like Summer’s) magnificent ability for expansion.


Ask, in particular, how does your heart need to grow? It is now time energetically to burn away doubt and radiate what you know to be true. The heart is sane energy and the world certainly needs it now.

According to the Yellow Emperor’s Classic- 400 BCE:

The three months of Summer,

Denote growth and blossoming,
The Qi of heaven and Earth interact and

therefore the myriad of things bears fruit.

Go to bed late at night and rise early.

Never get enough of the sun.
Let the mind harbor no anger.

Stimulate beauty and have your elegance perfected.

Find reasons for your life force energies to flow outside of you,

as if what you loved were located outside

This way corresponds with the Qi of Summer. and

is the way to nourish growth.

Opposing it harms the heart.

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