The Yellow Emperor on Winter

The Kidneys & Winter Health
In the three months of Winter,
The Yang goes within,
As Water opens into the great aquifers for storage.
Do not work to fatigue.
Go to rest earlier.
Wake later in the day.
Think of oneself & store your essence.
Keep it as a happy secret!
Avoid the cold and stay warm.
Do not sweat as if it were Summer!
This corresponds to the Qi of Winter.
Opposing this injures the kidneys,
Leading to the lack of vitality in Spring.

Looking Back – A Winter Solstice Ritual

In the first days of Winter take time to sit in silence looking back upon the year. Feel into your lower belly, the region of the Water element in the body. Inside this region is a fire in the belly, known as the Lower Dantien. Specifically, it exists in the space between the navel and pubic bone. This is the location of the Ming Men, known as the Fire Gate according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Review the year and notice the wisdom of Autumn within you, then ask deeply and intuitively…What needs to come to rest? May this inner knowing be the Yule log that you place upon this Fire Gate. Let Autumn’s order come to rest here in your inner ritual space in deep time. This is the rebirth of the potential for the True Yang, the light that emerges from the darkness such as how the universe was born.

Seasonal Tune-Up

Time to Tonify The Battery

The Winter Seasonal Tune-up consists of an in-person appointment to assess your current health and create strategies for your seasonal wellness based on Chinese medicine. The Winter Tune-Up aims to generate the health of your Kidneys and tend to your Fire Gate.
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